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Rod and Anna Joy Tucker began Edison Chapel in 2019 with Dori Beltz and the Board of Directors.

Anna Joy, worship pastor, studied Ecclesiology and the Arts in college with the goal to lead worship from a place of Biblical and historical knowledge while incorporating music and other art forms into corporate worship. She has spent time throughout her life leading worship at all kinds of churches – charismatic, traditional, contemporary, megachurch, small-town church, upper middle class places and places of poverty. At Edison Chapel, she works to combine all the experience and knowledge she has to bring a fresh perspective to a gathering of Jesus people. considergrace.com

Rod, lead pastor, has published multiple books with thoughts on grace, honesty, community, and following the way of Jesus. He loves to spend time teaching, writing, strategizing ideas, forming new projects, making new friends, walking the streets of Edison, and just being with people in general. He has spent the past decades in various roles in ministry and leadership, and at Edison Chapel, he combines his previous experiences with his new ideas to spearhead something unusual and fun to spread Jesus’ love and light throughout the neighborhood. rodtuckersays.com

Together, Rod and Anna Joy have three kids and a dog, a 100-year old house in Edison, a heart for foster care and adoption, a weekly date day, an affinity for tabletop games, and a happy, friendly marriage.